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N Addition 2 Store

N Addition 2 Frozen Impressions are Stroller Bags and Diaper Bags from 32.00-37.00

Everything essential will be at your fingertips when you purchase a stroller bag! Aside from being Oh-So-Fashionable, they are Oh-So-Handy as well. These stroller bags are designed to snap on to the handles of your stroller or shopping cart handle. Whether you need a quick bottle, diaper, car keys or cell phone they can be easily reached. The bags measure 14 x 12 inches and are fully lined.




Aqua Circles & Stripes

Black Toile & Dots

Camo & Solid Black

Cowpoke & Bandana

Fairy & Pink Gingham

Lime Toile & Dots

Pink/Black Plaid with Solid Black

Pink Toile & Plaid

Poodle & Black Gingham

Sage Toile
& Plaid

Sage Toile & Pink Gingham

Twister Dot & Swirls

Also available in the same designs in a standard handled diaper bag...

Email us from the contact page to place an order. Monogramming available for 8.00 more please allow 2-3 weeks until our stock is steady. We accept Cash, Check or Credit/Debit cards through Paypal.



Southern Soy Scents LLC

tin candles are great for Fundraisers please email us to inquire about pricing.


Large Candle Jars:18.50

Small Candle Jars:16.50

Round Tin Candles:12.00

Fragrances Available:

Angel Wings (white)
Basil Sage Mint
           Clean Cotton

           Cedar (orangey brown)     
           Chai Tea (pea green)
           Christmas Nectar
           Cucumber & Thyme (Light green) 
           Endless Sea (greenish blue)
           French Vanilla (light brown)
           In The Cabin
           Jack Frost
           Kiwi Pear (white)
           Lime, Leaf and Lilly
           Louisiana Rain ( light purple)
           Macintosh Apple (true red)
           Mango Papaya
           Marrakech Spice (bright yellow)
           Patchouli Sandalwood(brown)
           Pecan Pie (dark brown)
           Peony (light pink)
           Sandalwood (tan)
           Tomato Leaf (green)

These soy candles are hand poured in the Arkansas Delta.  They are non- toxic, natural, water soluble, made from a renewable resource and the best of all - the soybean wax helps the AMERICAN farm economy.

Soybean wax is clean burning - virtually NO soot.  We use the highest quality fragrances and we infuse our scents throughout the entire candle so that you get the same incredible fragrance from top to bottom.  These soy candles are unique!

Burn time for our Candles:
18oz jar - 115 to 140 hours 
depending on the fragrance and color.
             6oz tins 42 to 50 hours
             Votives are 2oz and they burn 15 hours.