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please email frozenimpressions2@yahoo.com if you have a question

What age is best to do the impressions?
There is not an age limit! It's better to be late than never do it at all. An impression can be done at any age. 

Does it hurt the baby to do the prints?
It does not hurt, but some babies cry because the clay is cold and they don't like to have their hands opened.

Is the clay bad for their skin?
The clay is non-toxic and often you would never even know the print was done. It is a very quick and clean process.

Can I do more than 1 child on a plate?
We have several sibling plates available. 

How do I get the prints done?
You can come to Julie's house in Independence, MS (30 minutes from Olive Branch  if you can't travel to her house we can come to your house for an additional 10.00.(for appt and delivery)  If we come to your house and you have several of your friends over you can earn a free impression.  See our special events page for more information and event shows. 

How many colors do you have?
There are many colors to pick from and it is best to see them in person to make your choice of color.

How long does it take to get the prints back?
It could be as long as approx 6-8 weeks if the weather is real cold and raining.

*This is a handcrafted item and if something happens to your impressions during the firing process we will redo the impression.

How do I get my completed impressions?
You can either pick up the impressions from Julie's house.  For home shows and some events the finished impression will be taken back to that location. We do charge a 10.00 travel fee that is coming to the appointment and for delivery. We can mail the impression if we need to an additional 15.00 will be added for UPS Ground

What if I want more than one impression?
Each plate print is it's own impression.  (ex. If you want 5 prints, the hand is pressed in the clay 5 times.)

Can I personalize my print plate?
Each plate has the child's name and year engraved on the front, or more depending on what plate is chosen. You may also request what you would like on them as well.

How much does it cost?
The prices range from 10.00-and up..Most people get the hand and foot  of their baby on a plate which costs 30.00.  

Can a parent and child be done together?
Yes, there are family plates available with both mom, dad, and child or baby's hand inside the parents hand, this way you always have the memory of holding your child's little hand in yours.

Can you come for home shows and special events?

Yes we can make appointments for home shows , birthday parties, fundraisers, etc. 

Do you do more than hand prints?
Yes, but only four legged friends! No slimy or eight-legged ones!

Can you do 2 or more colors on a plate?
Yes, we will offer other types of glaze options, but the solid glazed plates show the best detail.

            What Happens If You Are Unable To Print My Child?
We have a three strikes law. If after three attempts we are unable to print your child, we will ask that you bring the child back when he/she is a little older. Typically, children between the ages of 18 months to three years are the most difficult to print. However, it is rare that we are unable to get a good impression.   

Are gift certificates available?
Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate through the mail or in person. Just call or email us at frozenimpressions2@yahoo.com  and we will mail one to you.